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Cocktail Sandwiches
Hot Tasty Morsels
Mini Quiche
Mini Burgers with Pork & Shitake Mushroom & Venision & Fig Patties
Crumbed Mushroom & Mozzarella Risotto Cakes
Mini Chorizo wrapped in Brioche
Thai Style Chicken Kebabs
Crumbed Fresh Fish Pieces

Selection of NZ Cheeses
Fresh Fruit Platter

Tea & Coffee

Inclusive of Lindauer, Beer, Juice and Venue Flowers

Plus: Ceremony Fee $350*

All prices are gst inclusive

Time: 3 Hours including Ceremony

Minimum Number of 30 Guests

Payments acceptable by
Cash / Cheque / Direct Credit / Eftpos / Visa / Mastercard

*Prices are subject to change



Fresh Coffee & Selection of Herbal Teas
Fruit Juices – Orange, Grapefruit & Tomato

A Selection of Different Cereals

Croissants OR Homemade Muffins
Homemade Muffins
Platters of Fresh Fruit Pieces
Selection of Fruit

Homemade Pancakes with Maple Syrup
Sautéed Button Mushrooms
Hash Browns
Eggs Benedict
Scrambled Eggs
Grilled Tomatoes topped with Cheese
Gourmet Breakfast Sausages
Grilled Bacon

Tea / Coffee

Inclusive of Lindauer, Beer, Juice and Venue Flowers

Plus: Ceremony Fee $350*

All prices gst inclusive

Time: 3 Hours including Ceremony

Minimum Number of 30 Guests

Payments acceptable by
Cash / Cheque / Direct Credit / Eftpos / Visa / Mastercard

*Prices may be subject to change



Wallaceville House has a lovely native bush setting ideal for outdoor garden wedding ceremonies Custom Wedding Packages. This will be especially attractive to those wanting a traditional, yet beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony.

Of course, with Wellingtons weather being changeable and often untrustworthy, we also have the perfect indoor ceremony area to ensure that your wedding will go as perfectly as planned.




In a gorgeous “old world” venue and your wedding photos taken in the beautiful “Native Bush setting” and charming grounds of Wallaceville House.


Lock in your Special Day to avoid risk of disappointment.




Phone: +64 4 527 7785

Email: info@wallacevillehouse.co.nz

Address: 2 Wallaceville Rd, Upper Hutt Wellington. PO Box 40971


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