April 29, 2010

You heard me right… murdered!!! In other words: killed, expunged, eradicated, exterminated… murdered! How do I know? I am arranging it!

Don’t worry tho… it is just the start of a brand new season of our highly entertaining ‘Murder Mysteries’ here at Wallaceville House. We are famous for our live original ‘Murder Mystery’ shows – which blend innocent dinner patrons, such as yourself, with actors who seem like ordinary guests but are really part of the show.

Because 2010 is the year when the ‘whole world’ goes mad over the Football World Cup and, our boys, the ‘All Whites’ will be there for the first time since the 1980’s… we are working on a Murder Mystery theme to centre around the Soccer World Cup.

Although it is still a work in progress: at the moment the idea is that Wallaceville House will become the exclusive training camp for the teams prior to the World Cup and one team who has made it into the World Cup through the back door will discover their coach murdered at the training camp!!! It should be a lot of fun.

This will run using the same theme from June until September through the period the World Cup is on and fans will be able to come along dressed as supporters or members of their favourite team.

These Murder Mysteries are hugely popular because it’s tons of fun guessing “Who Dunnit?” and who is going to be next to bite the dust. It is all in fun – an evening out for lovely dinner – with a twist of ‘murder’.

I’ll tell you more soon…


Lynne Graham.