June 26, 2010

– Fact! – Murder Mystery Dinner Shows are being performed at Wallaceville House!

– Fact! – Somebody is sending out emails to our friends and clients saying there is going to be a ‘real’ murder committed during the show!

– Fact! – Mysterious goings on are making me wonder whether its true!

– Fact! – I’m freaking out!

Sorry… maybe its all the pressure of organizing the new Murder Mystery Shows here at Wallaceville House. Or maybe it’s the fact that emails are going out from my computer and messages are appearing on Facebook from a ‘fictional’ character in the Show – ‘Death Takes a Penalty’ – saying that there is going to be a ‘real’ murder during the show.

That’s crazy, of course. It is just a fictional Show invented by Greg Ellis and his amazing team of actors, ‘The Improvisers’, from idea of mine to do a Murder Mystery Dinner Show based around the World Cup. ( Go – the All Whites! ) So, it is loony, right? No real murders will be occurring. Definitely.

But I wish I knew who was sending those messages. And I keep getting the feeling that someone has been snooping in my room. And some guests from South America keep complaining to my husband Bruce that someone has been moving items in their room or going through their suitcases. Over active imaginations? Must be.

No Doubt.


Anyway, this Murder Mystery is going to be a cracker!

If you haven’t already heard it is about a squad of players and management from the tiny ( fictional – definitely fictional ) South American country of ‘Santa Bernadino’. At their luxurious training facilities ( in Wallaceville House ) disaster and mayhem strike. There is foul play afoot and this time the ‘penalty is death’.

With a volatile mix of prima-donna players, conniving coaches and suspicious support staff mean guests have the work cut out for them to find the murderer. Or murderers. As the Show is improvised – that could turn out to be different at each Show.

Word has been spreading like wildfire and we have Sold Out 3 Shows already!

But don’t worry – we still have some seats left for the Show on Friday 16th of July – and we’ll be announcing the next show date soon… it’s great value only $69 per person for Dinner and Show.

So, if you love a good Murder Mystery or you’re just looking for “different night out” for your sports club, work function or social gathering, then pick up the phone and dial ‘M’ for Murder!

Of course, that will just get you a ‘dead’ dial tone… so then dial (04) 527 7785 to confirm available dates and make your Murder Mystery Dinner reservation.

We will run ‘private functions’ for groups of 30 or more. Smaller groups are welcome to join in on one of our public nights.

Lynne Graham.


PS. Greg Ellis has created some ‘trailers’ to introduce some of the ‘suspicious’ and dangerous characters in ‘Death Takes a Penalty’ so check 3 of them here. Otherwise search for ‘Death Takes a Penalty’ on YouTube.