May 19, 2010

We have planned the Murder.

It is going to take place this coming June. ( And July, August and September! )

Here is the scenario:

When the tiny South American Nation of ‘Santa Bernadino’ qualified for the 2010 World Cup the whole world was shocked. They’re about to be shocked again. At their luxurious training facilities ( Wallaceville House ) disaster and mayhem strike the hapless Santa Bernadinan team. There is foul play afoot and this time the ‘penalty is death’.

A volatile mix of prima-donna players, conniving coaches and suspicious support staff mean guests have the work cut out for them to find the murderer.

Once again, Greg Ellis, Artistic Director, and his crack team of actors, The Improvisors, tackle the murder mystery – and this time they’ve thrown the World Cup into the mix.

Whether you love or hate the beautiful game there’s plenty to love about “Death Takes A Penalty”. You get to put the performers on the spot and have them use your suggestions to fuel the double crosses, lies and alibis.

Come along to Wallaceville House – dressed to support your favourite World Cup team – and bring your detective skills with you. You’ll have an evening’s fun that’s sure to score.

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