May 20, 2010

Do you believe in miracles? I do – they happen! Recently a bolt of forked lightning struck Wallaceville castle’s lightning rod: it shot down into the tower laboratory and brought the fictional ‘Narrator’ of our new Murder Mystery to life! Yes – I mean real living, breathing and selfishly hogging the bathroom “life”…

What’s more… he thinks he is a detective… and that it’s his job to catch the murderer or murderers in the new Wallaceville House Murder Mystery, ‘Death Takes a penalty’…

NO – I’m not mad.

I have proof: this deranged ‘Narrator’s started hacking into my email, Facebook and Twitter communications and sending out “messages” in an attempt to enlist the aid of our regular Murder Mystery fans to help him solve the impending ‘crime’ or at least bring the murderer slash murderers to justice. My advice is: just play along with him. Like all creatures brought to life by lightning he is two bobbins short of a textile factory so – please – just humour him for now.

Until I can get the Police to take me seriously: let’s all just go with the flow. I have so much on my plate right now I really need you to help me out. I’ve got to finalize the planning of ‘Death Takes a Penalty’ with Greg Ellis and his great team of actors from the ‘Improvisors’, as well as arrange accommodation for this large contingent of sweaty South American football players who will be using Wallaceville House as a soccer training camp for a few months…. so everything’s a bit crazy here at the moment.

In fact, all this is making my head swim and sometimes it’s a bit hard to remember what’s real and what’s not… all I know is that while a lot of people are laughing, feasting and drinking someone is going to pay the penalty for crossing a murderer… that penalty will be ‘death’.

So, if you’re looking for “different night out” for your sports club, work function or social gathering, then pick up the phone and dial ‘M’ for Murder!

Of course, that will just get you a ‘dead’ dial tone… so then dial (04) 527 7785 to confirm available dates and make your Murder Mystery Dinner reservation.

We will run ‘private functions’ for groups of 30 or more. Smaller groups are welcome to join in on one of our public nights.

Cheers, Lynne Graham.